Forex Blog: Yuan nears parity with HKD

リンク: Forex Blog: Yuan nears parity with HKD.

Ignited by the threat of American trade sanctions and diplomatic pressure, the Chinese Yuan is now soaring against the USD. Last summer, it cleared through the psychological hurdle of 8 Yuan/USD and is now barreling towards 7.8. While this doesn’t strike most people as a significant milestone, the 7.8 barrier represents parity with the Hong Kong Dollar. Having traded below the HKD for nearly 13 years, the Yuan is now only weeks or even days away from overtaking its Hong Kong rival. In many ways, this event is symbolic of the broader economic Chinese economic explosion and its probable outstripping of the Hong Kong economy. Some analysts are predicting that when parity is breached, Hong Kong will immediately move to tie its currency to the Yuan, while others believe that the event will pass without much fanfare. The Financial Times reports:

Hong Kong-owned factories in China, long spoiled by renminbi-US dollar currency stability, are less than enthusiastic about the consequences of a stronger renminbi.

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