Difference of style of the two prime ministers of Japan

Mr. Abe speaks more words compared with Mr. Koizumi, however what Mr. Abe speaks so far seems to lack concreteness. It has been pointed out that " to build a beatutiful nation" does not include any detailed desacription on how it is going to be done.

One interesting information on this matter was found in the dialogue between Mr. Takenaka, who resigned the member of the Upeer Congress in Japan and who had been the minister for economy and finance as well as the minister for general affairs and a famous writer in Weekly Asahi in Japanese. He pointed out that Mr. Koizumi did not take any notes while he was attending a committee where a heated discussion was made among the members of the committee. Mr. Takenaka presumed that Mr. Koizumi had been trying to find the most important points and substance while he closed his eyes and concentrated in listening to the discussion. It was interesting that Mr. Takenaka also concuslted Mr. Koizumi when his resingation should be made public.