Tokyo ‘cool’ has swayed Japan for too long

Tokyo ‘cool’ has swayed Japan for too longと題して昨日のFinancial Timesに建築家の隈研吾さんが寄稿されている。,dwp_uuid=73adc504-2ffa-11da-ba9f-00000e2511c8,print=yes.html


The September 11 terrorist attacks exposed the vulnerability of the skyscraper, the symbol of urban society. The March 11 disaster in Japan reveals the anger of the gods at the complacency and arrogance of urban life.


Architects, too, must re-evaluate the maps that guide our planning. Looking at Tokyo, Paris or New York is no use. We must study the maps, and assess the risks and potential of each region. Only by evaluating such factors can we create a truly powerful design of buildings and towns but also of our nation. The earthquake has jolted us out of a complacency: for too long we in the cities have looked down on the provinces.